Getting help with house cleaning has today become a necessity, rather than a luxury. You are offered with plenty of choices too because there are many individuals offering their house cleaning services to those who need them. Hiring individual workers has advantages like affordability, customised services, etc. Here are five questions you should consider before hiring your prospective house cleaning candidate.

  1. How do you set your rates?

House cleaning workers may charge an hourly rate or on a per project basis. Also, ask for an estimate on the duration it will take for cleaning your home.

  1. How will you gain access to my home?

You can offer a few options so that you can choose an option which both of you are comfortable with. Options can include leaving your house’s key in the letter box, choosing to be home while cleaning, or granting access through a keypad.

  1. What about my pet?

It would be better to introduce your pet to the house cleaner well ahead of the cleaning day, particularly if you won’t be home while cleaning. Depending on how well your pet gets with the cleaner, you may decide to case the pet or ask the cleaner to leave him in a safe place outside and then put him back in prior to leaving. Also inquire if he or she charges an additional fee for cleaning a house with pets.

  1. What are the services included?

Inquire to know all the services included in the cleaning. This may include floor scrubbing, base board cleaning, window-washing, dusting, etc.

  1. How long have you been doing this?

Ask to know how long the house cleaner has been involved in this business. For, experience will have a great bearing on the worker’s time managing efficiency and quality of work. However, you may also come across a quality first-timer.


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