Landscaping can instantly enhance the appearance of your home. This necessarily does not mean that you should go for meticulous and professional landscaping projects. Small, easy and affordable work implemented with the help of layman workers can make a dramatic difference to your outdoors. Here are 4 such cheap landscaping project ideas.

Outdoor lighting

Lights that decorate the path from your gate to your door can be welcoming and friendly after the dusk. These will also emphasize landscaping and other features that you want people approaching your front door to notice. Further, lightings enhance your home’s safety during the night times by reducing the dark spots near your house. Solar lights are a great option as they will not only save electricity, but also eliminate the need for extension cords and electrical cable, besides providing a pleasant ambience that’s not too bright.

Driveway edging

Bordering your driveway with paves, stones, bricks or a combination of these can render an elegant and crisp look to your outdoors. You can enhance the look further by painting, texturing or decorating these borders. Installing an elevated border can prevent people from driving into your lawn.

Planting flowers

Flowers can instantly boost the appeal of your outdoors and your home. So, plant flowers in front of your house, along the sidewalk, in hanging baskets, in garden beds, and in flower boxes. Opting for perennials can remove the need to plant new plants each year.

Cover up dead spots

Robust trees are gorgeous elements in your garden. But, their root coverage and constant shade kill the surrounding grasses, leaving behind unattractive dead spots in the lawn. Rather than fighting a never ending battle to replace the grass, enhance your lawn’s appearance by planting shade-loving flowers around the base. An alternative easier solution to this is, applying mulch around the tree’s base. If you go for this option, make sure that you do not apply it too thickly, else the roots will suffocate and foster pests around. Approximately 2 inches of mulch will do.

The above four easy landscaping ideas can be implemented by yourself or with the help of layman workers. We understand that today’s hectic schedules do not allow households to undertake do- it- yourself projects. So, we invite you to post your landscaping needs at our site and get the job done with cheap labor.


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