Lawn maintenance is a seasonal business, with some recession in the winter months. The busier months run from about September to April, depending on your region and its climate. So, spring would be the busiest time for your business when you should aggressively market your services so that you will have sufficient clients to carry you through the summer.

Lawn Maintenance

Basic lawn maintenance involves edging, mowing, and trimming. At often times, hedge and bush trimming is provided as an additional service, but it requires more proficiency than mowing and is more time-consuming. You will have to allot time for moving the lawn and trimming its edges. Luckily, not all lawns require edging each time you mow them. At times minor touch-ups with a hand edger are enough.


For the survival of your business, it is important to keep all your equipment in top working condition. Ideally you would clean the mower blades and occasionally use a grinding wheel to sharpen them. Additionally, you should use a balancing weight to lengthen engine life and to avoid white finger, a type of Raynaud's disease. Furthermore, you should regularly clean any air and oil filters of the equipment to minimise engine wear and enhance performance. The oil should be changed regularly too because the mower’s high heat would cause the fast break down of lubricants.

Safety and Protection

While providing your lawn care service, it is necessary that every possible precaution is taken to protect yourself. Always wear ear protection and safety goggles. Before putting more petrol in your mower, it is safer to let it cool down completely. Also, never turn the mower over or put your hand into the discharge chute while the blade is spinning. If done, the razor-sharp cutting blade’s 200 kilometre-per-hour rotation can not only cause severe injuries, but also catapult projectiles like compacted grass, metal or rocks potentially leading to serious damage.
There is a lot more to the lawn care profession than these fundamentals which we will post in future blogs on

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