Bathrooms are a hub of activity as these receive the most foot traffic in your home. Handyman services can be used to work on almost everything in your bathroom including taps, outlets, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, exhaust fans, and showerheads. You can hire a handyman for just a single project or for a list of bathroom projects. It would always be, however, wise to prepare an inventory of things to get done before you call a handyman.

Bathroom Remodelling and Renovation

You can enlist the help of a handyman through for a thorough bathroom remodeling or renovation. They can install new floor tiles, wall tiles, new light fixtures, mirrors and vanities; and do the desired painting and even potentially plumbing for perfectly updating your outdated bathroom.

Plasterboard Repairs & Finishing

A handyman can inspect your damaged bathroom plasterboard and gyprock due to moisture or water leakage. He can help identify and restore sources of leakage, and you fix a wallboard that goes seamlessly with your bathroom décor.


Bath tubs with bad caulking can lead to leakage under the floors and behind walls, damaging walls, wood, and downstairs ceilings or basements. A handymen can restore the appearance of your bathtub, restrict water damage and prevent mold.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair

Bathroom fans not only aid in getting bad smell out of the bathroom, but also protect your house against mildews and molds. A handyman can be hired to inspect venting paths for mold, and removing old fans and installing new ones.

Minor Plumbing

A handyman can help you quickly fix common plumbing maintenance issues. He can fix broken or leaking tubs, taps, fixtures and toilets. A handyman can also easily and quickly replace washers in leaking taps.

Shower Head Servicing

A handyman can be hired to fix the issues like clogs and leaks with your bathroom shower heads. If required, they can help replace your shower head.

Bathroom Door Repair & Installation

A handyman can fix a bathroom door which is off its track or hinges, or install a new door after removing the old one.

Toilet Repair and Installation

A handyman can help repair your toilet with a new flush valve, tank flapper or wax ring. He can also help you replace your old toilet to provide your bathroom with an entirely fresh look.

Now that you know some of the services you can use for your bathroom from a handyman, go ahead and find a handyman for your bathroom from

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