Landscaping commercial or residential properties or mowing lawns for a living can earn you a decent income while giving you an immense sense of pride.

The advantages

There are several pros of becoming a lawn care or landscaping service provider. You can decide upon the number of hours, the time of the day, and the pace at which you want to work each day. If you are based in your own community you have a short commute to work. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the fresh air, have a good cardiovascular workout and even build your muscles.

The necessities

As a lawn care or landscaping service provider you may be more skillful at trimming, pruning and mowing than an amateur. So, you will have to invest some quality time in understanding gardening principles and techniques. You will also have to be disciplined enough to diligently service your clients and be physically fit to handle the rigors associated.

Your customers

Busy home owners who recognise the value of an aesthetically designed and landscaped yard and a well-kept lawn, often do not have the inclination or the time to do the maintenance work by themselves. They look for lawn care or landscaping service providers. Other potential customers include:

  • Homeowners who do not have the tools, skill or vision to do their own landscaping.
  • New homeowners who desire to revise their current landscaping.
  • Homeowners who want to enhance their property’s appeal with updated or fresh landscaping so that they can sell it at a better price.
  • Commercial and residential property builders who do not own a landscaper staff.
  • Homeowners who often are out of town on business.
  • Retirees who no longer care to do their own lawn maintenance.
  • Rental property managers who need help with lawn maintenance.
  • Golf course managers who seek help with their lawn’s maintenance.
  • Facilities managers of cemeteries, botanical gardens, universities, municipalities, historic buildings, parks, and other public locations with green spaces.

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