Want to outsource all or some of your yard work? Like it done for a price you choose? Here are some of the jobs you can post under the gardening category:

Lawn mowing, edges, whipper snipper, hedge trimming, lawn fertilising, laying grass, seeding, landscaping, weeding, tree lopping, pool cleaning, weed spray, pest spray, pressure cleaning, retaining walls, excavation, paving, mower and machine maintenance, fruit picking, concreting, help with animals, rubbish removal or anything else you need done around your yard. It’s a chance to be creative and find someone who can assist you in any area.

Obviously, lawn mowing is the most common, with the average person spending approximately 40 hours per year on mowing their lawn. This equates to one full working week just on lawn mowing. Want an extra week’s holiday per year? Simply outsource your lawn mowing.

The average person spends up to 150 hours per year on total yard maintenance. That’s the equivalent of 4 working weeks per year. That’s the same as the 4 week’s holiday most people receive. Imagine being able to have someone else complete those jobs, and you get twice as much holiday equivalent free time.

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