Lawn moving is an art. Here are a few simple lawn moving tips to give lawns a professional touch.

  • Do not remove more than one third of the grass length.
  • While mowing your lawn ensure that each run up slightly overlaps the earlier one. To leave an overlap marker, you can mark each side of the mower.
  • For getting straight stripes on the lawn, mow a straight line across the center of the lawn, and then mow on both other sides.
  • It is okay to cut all the grass at the lawn’s edges. You can do an extra final cut all around the lawn’s edges to trim down the end bits and render a professional touch to the lawn.
  • For four wheeler lawnmowers, each run must be overlapped to avoid repeated cutting in the same track which will cause tramlines and ruts.
  • Raise the mowing height if you are scalping the lawn in certain areas. Scalped places will usually be weedy and/or mossy.
  • Use one setting higher than the other areas of the lawn for shady places and slopes.
  • Sharpen your mower's blades regularly or else it can leave behind a ‘frayed’ or ‘sliver sheen’ look to your lawn.
  • Mow at a steady speed. Haste can ruin the look of your lawn, especially with a wet or tall lawn. Even in dry conditions, hasty mowing creates uneven shearing and leaves masses of imperfectly mulched clippings behind.
  • If the blade of your cylindrical lawn mower stutters or generates a rippled or ribbed effect in the lawn, it is either because the mover is under powered or blunt, or the grass is too wet or too
  • long. For the former issue, opt for sharpening or powering the equipment appropriately, and for the latter, slow down the speed of mowing and mow frequently.
  • If your mower instructions permit, and weeds and weed grasses are not seeding, leave the box off for one or two cuts after the application of iron products, seaweed, or liquid feed. In summer, this aids moisture conservation, and in the growing season, this feeds the lawn lightly.
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