How much does it cost to employ or be employed?

It is totally 100% free. No fees at all for posting jobs or completing them. Employees keep 100% of the money they earn. There is the possibility to pay for optional upgraded features if you choose, such as homepage feature posting and job post highlighting.

What jobs can be completed?

Jobs at home or at any organisation. From gardening to handyman, from cleaning to delivery. Basically, anything you can think of that is legal and ethical. For extra ideas, simply view our homepage for a list of categories www.employs.com.au

 How can I trust the employee or employer?

We have many users who are excellent citizens, just like you are, who can be fully trusted. For extra verification, you can check their star rating or feedback that other users have posted about them. They can also put an optional ABN on their personal dashboard which provides even further credibility.

Who can work or post tasks?

Anyone, as long as you are not breaking any Australian laws.

 How can I communicate about a job?

Simply use the commenting wall available on every job post description.

Are we covered by insurance?

Maybe, in some cases you may be covered by insurance. If you have home building and contents insurance then you might have a $20 million public liability section for general people that get hurt at your premises. Also, if you hire a tradesman with an ABN they are required to have insurance. However, this FAQ is not advice and you should seek your own independent advice or do your own research on the insurance policies you have or that other workers might have.


How to award a task?

In your "My Account Area" simply select "Active Tasks". Then select "More". At the bottom you can click "Select" button next to the person you want to choose. Then press "Award Task" button. You can also select the “Award Task” link, in any email from us, where the subject is "Your Task Has Received a Bid".

How do I earn the Gold, Silver and Bronze badges?

Answer: Users earn badges for posting or completing a certain number of tasks. If you post or do 1 task you receive the Bronze Poster Badge or Bronze Doer Badge. If you post or do 5 tasks you receive the Silver Poster Badge or Silver Doer Badge. If you post or do 10 tasks you receive the Gold Poster Badge or Gold Doer Badge. 


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